Bridge Executive Group is focused on Energy Solutions and related Services as well as Systems  for North American and European Markets in its bridging function between new technologies and market demands across America and Europe developing sustainable businesses for its clients and partners.


We are seeing Energy Solutions from holistic viewpoint in the light of sustainability. Striving for endurance in operation and performance. Our Service offering ranges from Strategy and Business Development over Engineering to Financing and Project Management. We offer Energy Solutions in Solar, Wind and Hydro Power generation as well as in Electrical Energy Storage.


Solar Power projects we delivered are built on decades of experience within our Team dating back to the first days of industrial Solar Power, with detail expertise from  the most complex applications in building integration, architecture and farm land solar to solar projects in swampland and abandoned mines.


Our Hydro Power projects we delivered are sustainable both economically and ecologically being environmentally friendly from the intake metalwork structures through buildings, power generation equipment, upstream and downstream fish passages as well as transparent online monitoring of migrating species.


Energy Storage projects we delivered have enabled substantial savings on Diesel consumption  in off-grid environments while stabilizing the microgrids for both frequency and voltage. Delivered grid-connected Energy Storage projects are providing dependable ancillary services enabling the stable integration of increasing amounts of energy from intermittent sources  of renewable energy.


Together, we are striving for being the trusted partner for delivering inspiring Energy Solutions at the most sustainable environmental conditions possible that provide enduring competitive advantages to our customers.